Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reach out and Talk to someone

It was brought to my attention lately, that we all think we're alone, and the only ones awake. We see everyone else as sheople or, as the above cartoon dictates, automatons.

Go forth, with only HINT of regard for your own feelings (none would be better), and start a conversation with a complete stranger about how you feel about the world around you. See the reaction it invokes. You might be surprised at the outcome a conversation like this takes place. Get out of your Monkeysphere .

Monday, July 27, 2009

Phys Ed, Anyone?

If you haven't yet started getting yourself fit for the end of this year's Diaspora , now's the time. Start walking, running, something, anything! You'll need strength and determination for what lies ahead, and being out of shape is not only going to hurt you, it'll hurt those around you who have to pick up your slack.

If you don't own a gun, get one, and familiarize yourself with it. Fast.
Learn how to make weapons like the sling and slingshot, the atlatl. Learn how to make a knife.
Learn bushcraft, primitive living, basic Survival from SurvivalTopics.com and its forums . Like, how to make a shelter, how to procure water for drinking and sanitation.

It is imperative that you learn these skills, even if the feces never hits the atmospheric oscillator. You'll know them, and can use them if you get lost, on purpose or accident.

Been a while

I took a hiatus. Not sure why. I'm back..

I'll be discussing food today, huzzah!

HARDTACK is a great food to make, it's quick, easy, and you can make vast quantities in little time. Great for on the go.

BILTONG is a form of preserving meat, and sometimes it's better than jerky!

FORAGING is another great way to substitute food intake while on the go.

That's enough about food for now, although I will put more in as time allows.