Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look who's coming to dinner!

I'm a little late to the party, I've been ridiculously busy these past few weeks, so my apologies.

But, what in the sam hell is this?

In addition to the litany of bad policies contained in the Dodd Financial Reform bill is this nugget on pages 1039-1040.  In short, it extends government reach to every deposit account of every citizen.

Ok, If and/or when that happens, I'll be sure to let my bank know I'll no longer be using them.

Not that the healthcare bill doesn't already have certain key points such as this in it, but this would wrap it all up quite nicely for them, wouldn't it?

Intrusion doesn't even begin to describe what's about to transpire in our country. It's past intrusiveness, and well on its way to them living in our houses whilst eating our food and shitting in our toilets without even asking to come in before doing so.

Either get them a blanket and make them comfortable, or shove them the hell out of our house. Only two choices I see at this moment.

Look whose coming to dinner, indeed.

Although, some dinners may be laced, so watch your back, you unwanted guests.