Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Family Addition


Project: Logan!

I moved my mother to Tennessee a few weeks ago, and when I came back, we had a new dog. Half Border Collie, half Australian Shephard. He's a sweet lad, and it seems the herding runs deep, because he likes to try and herd the chickens, which is quite hilarious!

here're a few pics of the ol' chap.

He's sleeping, of course. Long Christmas Day.

No eye color change, but that might not happen, either.

11 weeks old, he already knows how to fetch (mostly, lol) and herd chickens (well, chase, but still...). The weird thing is, he has a fairy saddle (dark mark on the snout) just like the cat, Emma.. plus: They're almost completely opposite colors (cat mostly white with a few brown and black marks on the chest, tail, body and face).

Logan fits in well.

Funny story about his name, actually.

The Boy (step-son) wanted to name him Dogzilla (erm... no.). My step-father came over and said, "Hey, Wolverine!" I chortled, then remembered the second X-Men movie where Logan (Wolverine) killed an intruder with his claws in the kitchen. This discussion happened in the kitchen, so I said, "Ha! Logan!" and now you know the REST of the story. :P