Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wally-World and canned goods

I went for a long overdue stock shop two days ago, and Wally world had a hell of a deal on "Stone Mountain" brand canned goods (veggies) at .50 cents a piece! I only found corn, peas, and green beans in that brand, though.

2 for a buck is good for them, since they've raised prices (Inflation!) on canned goods 3 years in a row. Right now, wally brand canned goods (veggies) in my area are .76-.78 cents a pop... Needless to say, I doubled-down on that deal and bought twice as much as I was going to... not sure how long they'll have them, or how long it'll last, so I'm passing the word out!


  1. Never heard of that brand. I know that Wally's prices have been slowly going up consistently, with few breaks. Right now Kroger has their store brand veggies 2 for a buck also. Save-a-Lot and Aldi still have most of theirs for 49 cents still.

  2. Sav-a-Lot here is more expensive than WalMart, for some strange reason. I wish we had a Kroger around here!