Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Defining Poverty

Defining Poverty: New tools to help us become... .... tools.

The Obama administration is setting new standards for determining who is "poor" in America, announcing a new formula to supplement the one established during the 1960s.  Why the change?  Because Obama's definition of poverty seeks to include "modern" expenses like child care and health care.

Go here for more.  Also, and more to the point, here.


The Supplemental Poverty Measure, which will be used in fall 2010 in a Census Bureau report, will not completely replace the old measure. It will be used to calculate an alternative poverty rate, but the new formula will not be used to determine eligibility for government programs.

Emphasis added, of course.

Wait... Alternative? Alternative to what, exactly?

So, riddle me this, Batman. Since it won't be used to further government welfare, what will it be used for? Toilet paper? (Maybe for me, but...)


I surmise this will be used as a propaganda ploy by the POTUS to show why we need UniversalSuckCare now, more than ever, because so many people are impoverished!!

Balderdash, is what it is.

Deja Moo - The feeling that you've heard this bull before.

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