Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project: Garden - 3/4 Full

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My new job is at a Wholesale Landscaping business, and it happens that a cubic yard (front-end-loader bucket-full) is only 10 bucks and change. I bought some, and took it home 2/10ths at a time. A Cubic yard will cover a 10'X10' area at 3 inches deep. I still have 2 recycling buckets full of the stuff, and I guess I'll amend the other half with it.

A side note: One side of the garden is composted Cow Manure, and now the other side is composted plant matter. We'll put this experiment to the test.

The first half is a-blazin! Two weeks later we find that growth is exponential, and we have numerous baby tomatoes and bell peppers. We'll soon have heads of cabbage, I have no doubt, and broccoli is sure to follow soon after.

Planted Onions (12, unseen) Potatoes (10, see mounds/circular dirt) Romaine Lettuce, and Bee Balm (For tea, along with the mint in the other quadrant), and still have a dash of this quad left over for small herbs as yet unplanted, and unplanned (suggestions would be sweet).

A closer look at the newly planted lettuce and Bee Balm.

Fern Leaf Dill was planted in the borcolli/herb Quad today (medicinal, so I hear). The Spicy Globe Basil is going completely insane, and at this rate, I may have more than enough to give away to relatives.

Red Cabbage is doing extremely well, and I hope to see heads very soon.

This Heirloom Mr. Stripey Tomato is over 3 feet tall. I've never been able to keep tomatoes healthy for long, and this whole half quad is doing exceptionally well... exceeding my expectations exponentially.

A whole Quad unused, but I plan on making this the strawberry patch.

Compost, previously discussed.

The fact that 10 bucks can take this project so much further is awesome. Paying 2+ bucks for a bag of 40# manure was getting more expensive than I wanted it to be.

So far, so good. Veggies coming in, and hopefully we'll get those strawberries next weekend in the ground and ready to run.

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