Friday, October 30, 2009

Dude, Where's My Jar?

I. Want. Some. Of. This. Scotch.


Shackleton may have been a failure at that particular venture, and a few others, but aging whiskey he was not. Well Done, Shackleton, Well Done!


Polar explorers of that era relied on their alcohol of choice to help them and their crews through the long Antarctic nights and insomnia-inducing days. And Shackleton knew a thing or two about being well prepared for an adventure. On a later trip to the continent he kept all 28 members of his crew alive during 15 harrowing months after their ship got marooned in and then slowly devoured by ice. So it's no surprise that he brought 25 crates of Scotch with him when he set off on an expedition to the South Pole in 1907.

The earlier trip didn't go well, either. Shackleton turned around 97 miles short of his destination, telling his wife, "I thought you’d rather have a live donkey than a dead lion." When the ship arrived in 1909 to pick the men up, they left their supplies behind in their hut, including reindeer sleeping bags, tins of boiled mutton and bottled gooseberries. And, as we now know, they also abandoned two cases of Charles Mackinlay & Co. whisky.

That man had a li'l Captain in Him.

And there was a comment on this article that said:

Oh Boy, I hate to throw water all over the place here - but I just HAVE to ask... what sort of person/people find themselves in Antartica these days without an ice axe - or a dozen? They couldn't dig out the crates? Surely they have a better excuse.

FOOL! And ruin 2 crates of 100-year-old Scotch?! Are you mad?!

Two more comments made me chortle:

Haven't they heard of global warming? Just wait a bit and there will be plenty Arizona State sorority girls tanning and oiling on the sunny shore of Antarctica during spring break to share the booze with.


RonnieB, we've all heard about global nauseum. It's been downgraded officially now to "climate change". Hadn't you heard ? and as climate change it is likely to mean cooler temperatures. Too cool for sorority girls.

Interw3bz. Huzzah!

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