Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Threeper Birthday cake

My wife loves to bake and use fondant on cakes and such..( and she's fiendishly good at it).. Well, she made me a 30th (huzzah for me, I reached ripe/stink of 30 years) birthday cake, and here is a picture of said cake. I'm sure she could have done better (I've seen it! I'll post some others that were quite good), but I was harassing her the entire time, telling her it was 13 stars, not 30, and the same for the stripes ;) (I'm kidding, and she is right now kicking my rump for the detailed foolishness.)


Well, I will, because it's cake... you get nothing. :P

Okay, enough about me, on with her other B-day cakes... Dude, didn't you know I sponsor Ace of Cakes? Seriously, though...

                                   Her first Fondant (Expirement) Cake                                

 My moms dogs... second Fondant Cake,

The Boy's (Step-Son, her real son) Cake, her third.

Told you she got better. Dunno what happened to mine... she must have been upset, like I said, you know, I was harassing her and such :P

No, she's fantastic, I love her creativity. Two thumbs up, in my book. :)  


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