Monday, September 28, 2009

Who is APF (American Police Force)?

I ran across this tonight in my meanderings, and I take everything on Steve Quale's site with a seriously large grain of salt. But I thought I'd look into it anyway..

Quip from the article in question:

Things are moving so quickly and we are out of time! The spirit of Pharaoh has entered our land! We have found out that our little town of Hardin is the 'test town' for President Obama’s new law to privatize the police force of local communities. Last night, the city council voted to disband our sheriff’s department and to bring in a private security company to police the town.

Interestingly, earlier in the day, the mayor when asked in an interview about the privatization of our police department completely denied it and said that would not be done with out a council meeting. Then that evening, a council meeting was held in regards to that very thing. At the beginning of this month, our local prison signed an agreement with the American Police Force which is a subsidiary of a larger private security force that the U.S. used in the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina.

Now, usually, about the time someone spouts 'The spirit of the pharaoh has entered our land!' I end up with glazed-over eyes and thinking about the farcical 'Mummy' movies... But I said, 'wait a sec.. what's this American Police Force  they're yammerin' about?'

Thought I'd give a look see, being as how I'm curious and all.

Well, turns out there are a couple of articles about Hardin, its troubles, and about APF. Huh. Wtfer? I've never heard of them. Don't mean squat, though, I haven't heard of a lot of things. Still...

American Police Force leverages the talent and expertise of their extensive global network to provide local, regional, and national security solutions to the United States Government and other clients who are in need of customized private investigative services. Some of our servces include highly sophisticated background checks, asset searches, undercover investigations both domestic & international, and much more.

Ok, I thought, Servces? This is a quickly flung-together website meant to make whomever is looking for it believe they've found something...

Well... I'm out of time tonight... tune in next time, for another episode of... is it real?

Seriously, though, have a look at the articles in question, put together some dots, and tell me what you think... farcical nonsense, or truth, ye be stranger than fiction?

BTW: Images taken from their website.

So... is this for real? I've done about as much research as what I've told you, and plan on going to bed.. maybe since I have tomorrow off, I'll look into it a little further... their website seems a bit... generic, to say the least, so I'm leaning towards at least the website being a front... but for what? I know they exist now, they're in the news! So were 10's of thousands of tea party protesters (Tangalor rolls 2 six-sided die; 11! Tangalor wields Scimitar of Sarcasm!).

Anyhowl... what say you?

Sleep tight.

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