Sunday, September 20, 2009

So it's my birthday...

...and all I asked for was nothing, but you know certain people demand a list or two, so I came up with one. We'll see how that pans out :P

Which is why I just write a generic list, so people can fill in the blanks. I do not expect a riot gun on my birthday.. did I ask for it? Not exactly, but the hints were dropped.

I usually just want to have a few beers and relax on my birthday, and spend some time with my wife and kids... but now that we've moved in to a new house, it looks like I'll be doing yardwork in lieu of the relaxing thing... Setting up a garden, and a rain barrel (this house has no gutters, so some must be put up) among other tasks, are on the agenda. Hard work never killed anyone, so the saying goes.

We're off to visit my parents, they have something for me... I think it's a Home Despot Gift Card.. which is fantastic, because I need to build a small chicken coop this weekend, too.

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