Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Copenhagen Posted

So, I was driving last week, and heard this caller on Glenn Beck (I've been listening to him since he was a local guy here in the Tampa area, way back in '00, and not nearly as psychotic) start talking about BreakItApart.

The premise is, say, a 1000 page bill is broken down to 1 page. Your last 3 or 4 digits of your social security number will determine the page (or you can just pick one if you're uncomfortable) that you break down and put into regular words (not lawyerese) in a sentence or two what that page means; after every page has been done, you slap it together and read.

Anyhowl, they posted the Copenhagen treaty this morning, so head on over and get yerself a copy. I got it, and it is the real deal. 181 pages, so not that bad, but I can't read it until Friday, which puts me in a bind.

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