Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Long Dark Path: Death, Death, and his other brother Death

Let's explore my past. It is restless, and demons need to be chased from time to time, instead of doing the chasing.

You'll find my past to be quite interesting, seeming it has not been written yet, only lived.

I, for one, find it very interesting, since I lived it.

This might be a little... eclectic, but bear with me.

The Long, Dark Path

by Tangalor

Death, Death, and his other brother Death


First Chapter Here


So the kid died because of the Oldsmobile. Suck. About 2 months later, some other weirdness..

There was a lady who was my fathers' roomates' Girlfriend.

It was take your son to work day, so he did. Construction, that month. On Anna Maria Island (Florida). We had (well, I had) a blast. I saw all kinds of stuff I never saw before. We came home.

Upon opening the door, a wierd and VERY pungeant smell wafted out of the apartment. It reminded me of Iron... rotten, wet iron. And shampoo.

My father told me to stay outside, and he went in. I went in not 10 seconds later.

The smell was... Vivid. I smell it every time I smell raw steak or taste myself after a firm cutting from some accident.

He walked to the kitchen. Nothing. Livingroom. Nothing. Bedrooms. Nothing. Bathroom. Bingo. She was... very dead.

Slit wrists. In the Tub. Full of water. Well.... Bloodbath comes to mind, and that's exactly what I think about when someone says, "Bloodbath".

She was 24.

I smelled it again when my father died and I had to tell them he was my father. I was 12 by that time. A looooong way away.


My father was a 'biker' *wannabee*

He had nice friends. *chortle*

They were very swift, to be sure. *sarcasm*

One, the name escapes me, happened to be drinking and cutting logs. He was ever known as 'lefty' after he hacked his own right foot off with an axe. At night. When he was drunk.


I'm 6 or 7. My father has me and my stepmother holed up in a backroom. He's shot a 9mm twice in the ceiling. He got angry at the people who were giving us room and board, because they thought he was too irrational when he drank.

Cops are called.

Standoff time!

2 hours later, I run out in my underwear, along with my stepmother, behind a police car.

He comes out and does 2 weeks in jail.

We leave for Georgia.

Happy days.


Again, the demons are chased... for now. Maybe I'll have good sleep tonight... or maybe I'll dream about the time.... oh, I'll just write it down here next time.


  1. Man.

    Some day, I'd like to buy you a beer and chat.

  2. I'll take you up on that if I'm ever in your area, or vice versa. >:)