Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Record October Cold.. Ha!


From the Billings Gazette:

Record October cold has folks scrambling to winterize 


please. It's been over 90+ degrees here for a week!


I'm 'Scrambling' to shower twice a day so I don't chafe from the stuffing mark down to my legs, for the love of Pete!


A record-breaking cold snap that has made this the most frigid start in memory for October has people scrambling to winterize home, car and self.

So says you.


Come to Florida, we could use your money to increase our tax revenue.. wait... Never mind, it doesn't snow here, and I don't need your idiocy on our 'safe' roads. We already have enough of it during the Summer months.


  1. I wish I could share.

    Des Moines had the earliest recorded 1"(or more) snowfall last Saturday. Today was the lowest "high" on record for this date.

    Not a big deal since climate data in Iowa has only been "recorded" for about 150 years.

    Believe me, I'd share if I could.

  2. I know, man.. it's more of a personal rant because it's so flippin hot around here. It's supposed to change, but I haven't seen it yet. Last year we had one of the driest winters yet, and it almost capped a 4 year drought if it weren't for this summers better than (now) average of rainfall.

    Seriously, not against anyone in particular...

    we're all feeling the squeeze down south, while it seems the weather has taken a weird turn rather early north of the Mason Dixon line.

  3. No offense directed to you and none taken.

    We were lucky for about 3 winters in a row, then last year was long and colder than average. This year looks like it's starting early and I'm hoping it won't be long.

    And the flood of '08, ugh.

    It's all about the air currents and how warm the oceans are at any given coast.

    Sometimes I get that "it's greener on the other side of the fence" and I guess we all get that way sometimes. (just like my strandediniowa moniker)

    But we're all someplace we are supposed to be. Which kind of makes sense, maybe.

  4. Second coldest October on record so far here in the Circle City. (July was a record month for lack of Global Warmening, too.)