Friday, October 9, 2009

Project: Chicken! - Attack!

They were attacked last night (which is why I have not posted recently), and Kindle (NH Red) was pretty beat up. Leg may be broken. The lady at the feed store has an injured one at her house, and she volunteered to take care of ours so it can have some company. Our Americana, CawCaw, had some leg damage, but is otherwise well off. I grabbed another chick (NH Red, again) to keep her company, and it's a total Spaz, so, thusly named as such.

I believe the attack was a feral cat that haunts these parts... The Wrist rocket and ball bearings are at the ready as we attend to the hardening of the coop from any further probes or attacks. My wife suggested the Mosin, and I calmly told her that this is a cat, not a Nazi, and no loud 'booms' should be necessary.

(Tangalor rolls 2 six-sided die: 11! Tangalor wields Scimitar of Sarcasm!) More to follow on this interesting phenomenon.


  1. Moisin FTW! And commie mil surp ammo is cheap.

    And the fireball will scare away the other feral cats ...

  2. Damn strate, sir. The kick will also leave me without a shoulder to work with for about 3 days :P

    But... there will be no. more. cat. ...


    At all. :P

  3. I hates cats.

    I'd go with the Mosin for a first choice, but a pellet gun might be a "humane" method for the feline eradication mission.