Monday, October 19, 2009

What's this guy babbling about?

To me, it doesn't sound that ludicrous, but I'm not hearing what the name of this 'treaty' is, nor do I know who this guy is. Something about Greenpeace was mentioned, but again, I got nuthin', so credibility is denied as far as I'm concerned. Until someone can enlighten me to who he is, what the name of the so-called treaty is, and why people feel inexplicably drawn to believe and trust a guy with a british accent.

Worth lookin' into, as is anything else, but I'm not losin' any sleep over it.

Remember, Given an infinite universe and infinite time, all things will happen. That means that every event is inevitable, including those that are impossible.

Do I believe this guy? Meh, as far as I'm concerned we lost our sovereignty a long time ago, so if this were true, we're just making it official.

When this turns out to be a bunch of nonsense? Quick, look surprised!


I found the treaty, 'Copenhagen Treaty' and here're some facts, as per greenpeace website, no less.

The full legal text of the NGO Copenhagen Treaty - written by a team of 47 experts from environment and development groups across the world, including Greenpeace. Very serious legal text
And, if yer curious, cuz remember, Glueball Wormening and all, here's the link to get it via .pdf

I'll copy and paste some of the script as time allows. Should be an interesting read, I see it's getting a lot of buzz. I really should wake up more before posting, that way I can actually research something before looking like a tool. :P

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