Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project: Chicken!

..I told you the chickens were coming.

Sure, it looks crooked, but it's been moved and based more permanently (much to my chagrin) along the side of the house.

The chickens are 'bout .7 months old. That's right. POINT 7 months old. They're just flailing limbs and squawking fluffballs for now, but I have it on good authority that they'll start laying eggs in about 4.3 months. Huzzah!

For cereal, though, the chickens are a hoot  to raise, and the Children think they're a blast to chase around the yard at all hours of the day.

So, on to the mobile (not so much anymore ... .. ...) coop and how much I paid for it.


That's right, I paid nuthin'. I had a Gift Certificate at Home Despot. But, if'n ye must know, it was 55 bucks.

8 10ft sections of 3/4 PVC, 10 peices each of Elbows and Tee's. 2 50ft sections of 2X50ft rolls of chicken wire (can get by with 1 and 1/2 rolls, but we went all out) and a roll of 16 guage steel wire I already had for making chainmail (previous endeavor... yes, she still loves me... and no, I do not have said chain mail shirt .. ... ...yet....)

I know it looks a little awkward because of the way it was built, but it is a strong structure, especially after it is next to a wall.

It looks a little weak, but it's very sturdy, but I'm willing to take serious suggestions about what we do next. This design is not pretty, but is lightweight, and we like that cheap lightweight nonsense around here.

BTW:  nests are made of milk crates and straw and cinder blocks. The Chicks love them.

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