Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helmet-Mounted Radar, son!

No, Srsly!


a miniature, low power, near 360-degree field of view Moving Target Indicator (MTI) radar sensor that will alert the soldier to the whereabouts of a target out to at least 25 meters. The sensor is to be mounted, embedded, and integrated within the Advanced Combat Helmet and associated sensor suites.

 And... LOL! Quip:

The HMRS description also encouragingly specifies that “the effective radiated power of the system has to be low enough not to affect the health of the soldier” -– and presumably not the other members of the squad either, who are likely to be lit up by each other’s radar from all directions. Anyone worried by cellphone radiation emissions need not apply, tinfoil helmet liners optional.

Hilariousness about tinfoil liners, being as there might be OathKeepers about (suck on it Chris Mathews!).

Wonder what that near-miss from 360 degrees is? what, 1-5 degrees? and at what angle? They better get it right, though... a blind spot is a blind spot, and technology will get you killed once you've become accustomed to it. All of this nonsense is okay, but the first EMP, and they'll be swingin' swords again.

I always say I'm torn between being a techie and a luddite, but, dude, a radar on your head? That's way too cool. Just don't forget to use that thing your helmet is attached to... you know, that head thingy. Yeah, it's got more goin' for ya than a piece of tech.

I'm Boba Fett, and I approve this message.

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