Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project: Chicken! - Redux!

So after the attack we planned on minimalizing the coop, and fortifying its integrity to the nth degree. Success has been achieved, with no trial and error, and no new materials. A rework was necessary, to ensure maximum strength without jeapordizing the lightweight portability of the structure.

Here is what we have done thus far:

I broke some pallets down to use on the perimeter of the garden, when the attack happened, so we used the wood for the stand of the coop instead.

We took 2/3rds off of the original coop, which was a minor task. We cannibalized parts to make a swing down door for the entire front side, so they can come and go during the day, whilst being secure at night once we strap it at the top, as seen in the above picture. Also, we use the bottom as a hay keeper, also shown.

As seen in this picture, milk crates serve as nesting areas, while the swing door serves as an entrance. The step-ladder is in the way of the door going all the way to the ground. When it goes to the ground, they use it as a ladder to their new coop, which works out well.

The wooden rod was lashed for a nice perch to the middle of the structure, and the tarp is for warmth and protection on 4 of the 6 sides.

 The entire thing stands 6 feet tall, well off of the ground, and anything that may have attacked it, or thought about it, has no chance. All sides are triple-reinforced wire, instead of the single layer we had prior to the incident.

If anything gets in there now, it must have opposable thumbs, because that's the ONLY way in.

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