Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lord Monckton is his name...

...and Thatcher was his game... back in the day, anyway.

That's the guy from the video. I've heard him speak several times, but have never seen his face, and all you brits sound alike (I'm just kidding, of course, as I can imitate quite a few British accents, as well as Scottish, Irish, Australian, and, my favorite, Slack-Jawed Yokel).

A little background:

Wiki Quip:

Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a British politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, inventor and hereditary peer. He served as an advisor to Margaret Thatcher's policy unit in the 1980s and invented the Eternity puzzle at the end of the 1990s. More recently, he has attracted controversy for his public opposition to the mainstream scientific consensus on global warming. He also announced a sequel to his original puzzle called Eternity II in 2007, and it is still unsolved.

And, in April of this year, we had this:
Washington, DC -- UK's Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at a high profile global warming hearing on Friday April 24, 2009 at 10am in Washington. Monckton told Climate Depot that the Democrats rescinded his scheduled joint appearance at the House Energy and Commerce hearing on Friday. Monckton said he was informed that he would not be allowed to testify alongside Gore when his plane landed from England Thursday afternoon.

“The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”

So far, I like the guy. When I heard him denounce Global Warming as a total farce on the Glenn Beck show some 2 years ago, I was really interested, since the 'science' was not settled for me.

I'm still looking for the actual document (not the draft I posted yesterday) that states global governance. It may be in there, I haven't read the whole thing. But: The actual treaty is 200 some pages long, and the draft posted yesterday was only 78 or summat, so it's watered down nonsense unless I see the actual doc.

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  1. I listened to Lord Monckton on Glenn Beck yesterday, and what he had to say about this new UN backed treaty is definitely an attempt to circumvent US Sovereignty.