Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What does he think of me, a sperm bank?!

Hil-Arious! And sad... but still damn funny. (I know, my humor is dark and twisted, but.. meh, forgive my shortcomings)

MANILA, Philippines - Even veteran policemen were shocked over the brazenness of a young man to surrender a decapitated human head which he admitted chopping off from his employer.
At around 7 p.m. Tuesday, a 23-year-old canteen helper, who gave his name as Srejan Sia, came to the Plaza Miranda police community precinct carrying a plastic bag. At the table of PCP commander Senior Inspector Rodolfo Samoranos, the visitor unwrapped the bag revealing a decapitated head of a male person.
Without signs of remorse, Sia verbally admitted killing his employer and cutting off his head, Samoranos said. Then Sia led policemen to Bernadette Eatery along San Rafael street in Quiapo where he hid the body of his headless employer Jimmy Preston, 59, in the bathroom. The body was in near state of decomposition.
Asking for sperm
In front of police and reporters, Sia verbally owned up to the crime. Sia who speaks English fluently said he served as a helper in the eatery. He claimed he was not being paid for his services and was cruelly treated by Preston. When asked why he killed his employer, Sia said he got mad when Preston asked for his sperm. “He asked for my sperm. What does he think of me, a sperm bank?” Sia said.

Well, I guess that guy needs some help. and I'm sure he'll get it in a Philippine jail cell.

Whacko. Hilarious, but still a whacko. 

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